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21 Aug

The effects of a transitioning Apartment Market (Long Beach, CA) – By Appraiser Brendan Flynn

Long Beach Apartment Market and Increasing Rents (Pushing Out long term Natives) A recent article was published commenting on Downtown’s revitalization. The article outlines the concerns of native tenants regarding the affordability of local Multi-Family market rents.  The article highlights the rates paid by a long term tenant to the new normal of higher current market rental rates. The author notes a one […]

07 Aug

Celebrating 15 Years in Business

Celebrating 15 Years in Business  The Flynn Group Appraisal Company is lead by Brendan Flynn a real estate appraiser headquartered in Long Beach, California is proud to announce his regional real estate appraisal company is celebrating its 15th year in business. The company has become a mainstay of the Long Beach, CA community in which […]